Lauren & Paul

Lauren & Paul, Taunton & Stoke Sub Hamdon

Lauren and Paul were like something from a magazine; both so very stylish and sophisticated with outfits that matched their personalities and spoke volumes of themselves.  Lauren was a picture of pureness topped with flaming red hair that burns to a blonde at the tips, whilst Paul’s three-piece suit epitomized his attention to detail right down to his pocket watch.

The bridesmaids were awash with colours of pinks, yellows and oranges, which all set the tone for a very colourful day and oh my, was it colourful.  Their ride for the day was a 1964 Cadillac Sedan Deville to which there was no car more suited for these two.  A lovely shoot at Ham Hill Country Park between the ceremony and reception was just right with this car and a secluded bench allows for a little alone time before reaching the reception.  The orange colours are striking in the hall and Garry and I have no shortage of images to capture as guests enjoy the afternoon sun, some great cuisine and hearty speeches.  The day is topped off with a fantastic routine as the first dance; nobody saw that coming! These pictures will elaborate.